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Atlantic coast

7 days: The tour is suitable for people who love the beach and who enjoy walking on the flat through forests and mimosa tree. A camel trek at the seaside! The duration of walking each day varies between 5 to 6 h. Every morning, count approximately 3 hours of walking. After lunch, add between 2 to 3 pm Walk to the camp by the beach. The camels are always available to children in the event of fatigue.

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8 days: This program walks star revolves around the city of Essaouira to discover this ancient city and its environs. Housing is provided in "riad", a hotel or a private apartment as your request. The mornings are devoted to walks 3 to 4 hours walk away from the city, through the rainforests of mimosa, eucalyptus, or cedars, also along the dunes fascinating that spread over a dozen km. The afternoons are free to explore the old city built in the twelfth century by the Phoenicians. Its narrow streets, fortified its port, its craft stalls, fortifications are a mixture of Portuguese architecture, French and Berber. This program allows fans to finally enjoy every day barbecuing fish at the port of the fortified city.

3 days: This program will lead you Marrakesh in Essaouira. During the journey, you will discover the hamlet of Smimou, Idda Wyza plateau and the port of Iftane where there fishing for lobster. Then on a rolling plateau overlooking the ocean, you will spend a night near the Marabout Sidi M'Bark, faced with a large dune, near a waterfall in which you can take a shower. From the wild coast through the immense beaches of Cape Sim, you progress on a plateau pleasant to reach the evening bivouac near the dunes and a forest, Cape Sim remaining in sight. Visit the lighthouse of Cape Town with offshore islands and their Mogador bird reserve and ending your trip to the walls of Essaouira.

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