Tents, foam mattress, cooking ustensils are provided. It is your responsability to bring a sleeping bag. For your luggage, allow a big, flexible bag (to be carried by the mules). Do not bring unwieldy cases, but preferably choose a rucksack filled with daily necessities.

- Good walking boots
- Sweater and windbreaker jacket or a light "Gore-tex" jacket
- Sufficient and comfortable clothes
- Longer, bermuda shorts is preferred to short shorts 
- Sufficient change of socks
- Good jogging shoes, useful for the evening or to go through ‘wadies’ (streambeds)
- Good pair of sunglasses
- Walking sticks will make it easier to move and balance.

On top of your personal prescriptions, you should bring:
Anti-diarrhoea medicine
An antibiotic with varied uses (for example Augmentin)
A very good sunscreen ( high protection rating)
Bandaids against foot blisters
A good disinfectant (iodized alcohol or Dakin’s solution)
Water purification pills (for example Micropure)
Moreover, I recommend you update, if needed, your vaccination against
tetanus and polio. You can also have a vaccination against hepatitis A.

Transport is provided according to the circumstances, by minibus, 4x4, mules or dromedaries, or by local transport.

Nightly accommodation will be provided in 2 to 4 star hotels, or gîtes, or in some cases with local people. Camping will take place under tents, in prime locations. Sometimes camping will be in "luxurious campgrounds”.

"The trip is a return to the basics."

"Who frequent flyers... know that always comes a time where it must start."