Mountains treks

4 to 18 days: The Jebel Toubkal (4167 m) culmination of North Africa, is surrounded foothills of giants, bounded to the west by the wadi N'Fis and on the east by the Ourika valley. It's an old dark granite massif of the High Atlas Marrakech, rocks crystal and reliefs drus and bred. This powerful mass is accessible on foot, which is why we propose that hiking borrowing ancestral mule trails, you will address this granite fortress walls often at the peak, the low point of which lie Cubic villages with houses and verdant valleys. This is typically the mountain which offers endearing hospitality and sincerity. The hiker will be astonished by the reception and enjoy residents. See pictures from the last trek.

4 to 15 days: The massive M'Goun (4068 m) occupies the central part of the High Atlas, Channel powerful terrain cut deep valleys and canyons. It culminates at the top of the same name, Mecca of hiking. The massif is famous for the beauty and variety of its scenery, but also for its populations of the high valleys, their lifestyle and their ancestral architectural traditions preserved. We offer loops and ferry services whose duration of the course varies from 4 to 15 days of walking. See pictures from the last trek.

4 to 15 days: Huge massive granite and sandstone présahariens volcanic peaked at 2700 m altitude, Saghro offers scenery and disproportionate, alternating vast plains burned and impressive rocky peaks recalling the Hoggar. It is the land magic touch in tents woven from goat hair, the Berber tribe Ait Atta, driven by the snow in the Atlas as of fall. See pictures from the last trek.

9 days - 8 nights:
The Jebel Siroua is an extension of the geological Saghro Jebel. Very high volcanic massif, it presents landscapes chaotic and tortured, wide valleys dotted herbeuses.Les houses developed from drystone are lined with numerous terraced gardens where they cultivate saffron.

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